Rik has cracked the magic formula for the Day After Tomorrow and shares his insides in a unique and custom made inhouse workshop.

Antifragility (Nassim Taleb) has been a concept for many years and is now more relevant than ever. We know that we need to build companies that are capable to feed on randomness, but we did not know how to turn this interesting but rather abstract notion into action.


Rik likes to make a lasting impression and so he doesn’t like to just deliver a hit and run standard slide deck. The workshops are very interactive and can be offline, online or hybrid to maximise the sustainable impact.

Phase 1: Online intake

In this intake call, you discuss your company context, history, actual strategy, mission, vision of the participants and the desired outcomes together with Rik.

Phase 2: The workshop

Workshops can take many formats (from a crash 1h format up to a 2 + 1 days deep dive). We are happy to search for the best format together with you.

Phase 3: Online debrief

The debriefing happens during an online video call.

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