The Smart Ecosystem Economy

The business environment has been reshaped dramatically in between 2000-2020 due to technological waves that have changed people and society. Due to big data, AI and robotization, we live in a data-driven world what will lead to a blurring of old industry lines. The new competition will be one between ecosystems. COVID-19 will be a tipping point:  the world came to a standstill and when it reboots, it will reboot in a variety of small and smart ecosystems. We are just witnessing the opening moves of a very exciting endgame that is going to unfold in the next decades to come. Companies need to play the game. Not playing it is not an option. 

This is the era of the Smart Ecosystems Economy. We need companies to be ready to cope with randomness and unexpected events. We need companies to be systems that are not eaten by chaos, that do not think they can control chaos, but companies that are antifragile and grow by randomness.

We all know that antifragile systems are the answer, but how do you actually build them?

In this hands-on keynote, Rik explains what it takes to become antifragile and how to build an antifragile system. He will explain what “smart” is and how to build a smart ecosystem or how to participate in one. Rik will help you to solve this antifragile mystery and turn it into actionable building blocks.

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