Rik as speaker

Rik is a very unique speaker, a great storyteller, who knows how to captivate his audience throughout an event with a lot of passion, a good sense of humour and dazzling imagery. Rik tells the audience how companies, organisations and even governments can remain relevant to people and society in the turbulent times between now and 2035. Rik generously shares his knowledge, skills, years of experience in the business sector and the learnings from his many travels to the tech innovation hot spots. In doing so, he inspires his audience (on how) to get started with these new insights.

Discover the game-changer your event needs

Rik Vera, the absolutely unique and one of a kind keynote speaker who combines an unparalleled understanding of shaping forces with captivating storytelling and actionable strategies. Stay relevant in the future by unlocking Rik’s insights into today and tomorrow. His expertise empowers your audience to navigate the perfect storm of change with impact. Don’t miss the opportunity to inspire your audience, spark innovation, and drive meaningful results. Elevate your event with Rik Vera as your keynote speaker and set your audience on a path to success in the ever-evolving business landscape.  Rik’s powerful presence and expertise will help to create an unforgettable event that resonates with your audience long after.