The Guide to the Ecosystem Economy

The future of organisations will not be decided by merely relying on the good old linear supply and value chains, the circular economy, or by waiting out the competition and seeing what might happen. It will be decided by your ability to embrace and build ecosystems.

Building ecosystems starts with understanding them. By developing a red ocean strategy, putting technology first and engaging people, building algorithms and being humble, integer, empathetic and forgiving on that journey through the unknown. It all starts with passionate curiosity and a new point of view.

In The Guide to the Ecosystem Economy you will find the basic principles and ingredients for setting up your organisation, big or small, to stay relevant in the future. It will teach you to be ahead of the Chernobyl Syndrome, you’ll learn to surf the Great Wave, handle a large number of variables, build platforms designed to serve people and engage with users.

You will learn all about the building blocks and the dynamics of ecosystems, the rules and the values, the do’s and don’ts and how to become one or how to become part.

In short, the book – that includes lots of drawings sketched by Rik himself – will help you to find your place on the Ecosystem Canvas.

Paperback, English, 344p.

 28,29 Excl. VAT ( 29,99 Incl. VAT)


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