Ecosystems (or platforms) are hot. Why is it more than just another buzz? Why is the ecosystem economy the inevitable outcome of the changes in society due to forces like big data and 21st century technologies? Why is it the answer to the huge challenges we are facing in the next decade when we have to reset our economy.

What is an ecosystem? On the surface there are many forms of ecosystems. Rik reveals how they all share the same building blocks and the same dynamics that turn those blocks into a sensitive and learning organism. The result is an agile and adaptive system that, when it is really up and running, is even anti-fragile and sustainable (built to last and in tune with people and planet).

Every company has the building blocks it takes to become an ecosystem. One just has to find and develop them.  All companies can develop the dynamics that make the engine run. Every company can then create the very secret force of an ecosystem: ‘the double flywheel’.

In this keynote ‘The Guide to The Ecosystem Economy’ Rik gives answers to the questions and describes the building blocks and the dynamics and the double flywheel. He zooms into the basic rules of running an ecosystem and how to turn that theory into actions and results. He mixes big data, AI, genetic algorithms and customer centricity into an inspiring and motivating burst of energy.

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