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Customer interaction model explained 2:22

Let us talk about the code every company has to crack: c2MxEi

Trends of the New Normal: Hyper Personalization 1:52

What is it what your customers want? What is is that you want? The answer is simple but the outcome for companies is pretty complicated to accomplish.

3 Important Steps for Future Business Relevance 1:31

How to be relevant in the New Normal? And what can you do today?


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The 3 biggest questions about businesss after Covid-19

Very soon we will get the signal that the nuclear winter is over, that the fall-out is not going to be lethal anymore (we hope) and that we can leave…

The dos and don’ts of creating a smart ecosystem

On the verge of a systems breakdown The past year has been really difficult. The COVID-19 pandemic hit us hard and forced us to rethink a lot of dynamics. Many…
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Why diversity is vital to helping us ride the wave into the new tomorrow

Prejudice against women, people of colour and people with different religious beliefs is a problem deeply embedded in our history. Things are (slowly) changing. If we’re not careful, however, the…
Big data

Was the internet stolen from us?

The pioneers of the internet, had a rather idealistic view of how it could transform the world, how it could be used as a tool to connect people and build…