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Business managers should buy a pair of Facebook’s Oculus glasses and watch Stranger Things on Netflix

The Web 3.0 buzz is all around us and we all wonder: was there ever a Web 1.0 and 2.0…

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The dos and don’ts of creating a smart ecosystem

In this past year, the COVID-19 pandemic hit us hard and forced us to rethink a lot of dynamics. Not…

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2020. The year of being inspired

2020 has been quite a year. Rik’s world was being reduced from traveling the whole planet to his home studio…

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Business and life in the Day after Covid

In this e-book, Rik warns organizations against freezing their companies in a temporary coma during the COVID-19 crisis. He shows them…

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Rik’s videos

A glimpse into the mind and day of Rik Vera.

Keynote Vlaanderen Digitaal: The government as a platform

Rik shares his vision on the government as a platform where ecosystems can grow and where citizens and companies can participate. (In Dutch)

Trends of the New Normal: Hyper Personalization

What is it what your customers want? What is is that you want? The answer is simple but the outcome for companies is pretty complicated to accomplish.

3 Important Steps for Future Business Relevance

How to be relevant in the New Normal? And what can you do today?