Curiosity did not kill the cat

We know that ‘culture eats strategy for breakfast’. But are we aware that culture can kill companies in no time?

Why did Nokia loose the smartphone battle? Why did Kodak fail? What happened to Xerox? Why did Chernobyl turn out a disaster? Can this happen to you? How to avoid it? Change the culture is the key.

We have entered the Twilight Twenties. It is the time of monsters and creeps. There are no scripts and those that travel it based on assumptions will not survive. Assumptions will kill.

The good old ‘robust’ culture was inside-out, top-down, balanced scorecard driven, hierarchical, rigid, no longer in tune with the outside world and based on patterns and assumptions. It was killing companies in the past and it will be killing even more companies in this era of lightspeed changes. Change it while you still can and start very simply by implementing one essential new KPI which is the perfect antidote for the ‘robust’ culture: the Net Curiosity Score (#NCS). 

The scripts for The Day After Tomorrow are in the making, the game will be won by those that know how to adapt to the new rules and it will be the curious ones that will re-write those rules. In this keynote, Rik explains the why, how and what of the new culture that companies need to adapt and why curiosity is the leading force to make that change. What is curiosity? How to create it? How to measure? How to enhance it? What are the enablers and what are the barriers?

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