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Rik is an author, a futurologist, a business philosopher, a coach and above all an inspirational  keynote speaker. He writes and talks about business, business models  entrepreneurship, leadership, marketing, extreme customer centricity, sales and (digital) innovation. He is passionate about why and how companies can stay relevant in the future. Rik has delivered over 1000 keynotes and has energized and inspired audiences in over 40 countries.

Rik inspires and motivates organisations all over the globe with a variety of stories and images and his dazzling presentations to not only prepare them for their very own “Day After Tomorrow”, but to feed them with the energy and the insights to act upon it starting today. Rik brings this unmatched combination of loads of experience, bright imagination, compelling storytelling, meaningful insights, though provoking statements, entertainment, Belgian humor and warmth, hope and authenticity. Rik is Rik.

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The Guide to the Ecosystem Economy

The future of organisations will not be decided by merely relying on the good old linear supply and value chains, the circular economy, or by waiting out the competition and seeing what might happen. It will be decided by your ability to embrace and build ecosystems.

Building ecosystems starts with understanding them. In The Guide to the Ecosystem Economy you will find the basic principles and ingredients for setting up your organisation, big or small, to stay relevant in the future. You will learn all about the building blocks and the dynamics of ecosystems, the rules and the values, the do’s and don’ts and how to become one or how to become part.

In short, the book – that includes illustrations sketched by Rik himself – will help you to find your place on the Ecosystem Canvas.

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Het nieuwe werken werkt (nog) niet? (Dutch)

Vergeet de newspeak over ‘hybrid working’. Laten we na Covid-19 tijd nemen om samen uit te zoeken hoe het wel kan, voor we elkaar gaan vertellen hoe het moet.
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Kunnen we het sociale media-virus nog stoppen? (Dutch)

Het debat over de sociale media als oorzaak van de polarisatie in de samenleving laait weer hoog op. Loopt het fout bij hun algoritmes? Of maken zij er misbruik van? En hoe keren we het tij? Door Donald Trump levenslang te bannen?
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